When food becomes poetry

Portretfoto van Vincent Tibau Portretfoto van Vincent Tibau

Vincent's world

Welcome to the world of passion, creativity and pure taste! Vincent Tibau, educated in Ter Duinen and raised in starred restaurants, is the man behind Absolutely Food. As author and recipe developer of several cookbooks, private chef for our ministers and owner of his own food company, this culinary mastermind has not been idle in recent years. Today it is time for a new chapter and he shares his knowledge and experience in the form of Consultancy & Support, Workshops and Foodstyling.


Consultancy & Support

Every gastronomic restaurant owner can consult Vincent Tibau for advice and support . Do you need advice with the start-up or smooth running of your restaurant? Do you want to train your staff or renew the recipes on your menu? With his thorough approach and extensive experience in every aspect of the sector, he is the man to stand by you. However, if you need an approach that is more hands-on, then you can rely on him as an extra pair of hands. Gastronomic problem-solving in the sense of assistance at (executive) chef level. Expertise, flexibility and clear (price) agreements. With Vincent Tibau in your kitchen team or at the serving, you have an easily deployable and quick solution for every urgent (force majeure) situation.

Sfeerbeeld uit één van Vincent's kookworkshops.

'When our souls are happy, they talk about food'


Sfeerbeeld uit één van Vincent's kookworkshops.

'Where passion sets the table, food tastes at it's best!'


Are you looking for the right person to represent your company in the culinary field at home or abroad? Or an experienced ambassador of the respected Belgian cuisine? Or perhaps someone to manage demos, workshops and product presentations at festivals and exhibitions? Or rather a private chef to complete your (teambuilding) event in style? There is nothing Vincent can’t do.Not only companies such as Siemens, DVK, Smeg, Liebig, Orfit, NEFF, Renmans, Degroof Petercam, Otimo, Kitchco (group Bumaco), King Baudouin Foundation, BEE, Morango Fruits, but also the diplomats from the Belgian embassies of Jordan and India already know why Vincent is their preferred choice.



Although love goes through the stomach, the dish should also be pleasing to the eye… Communication agencies, production houses and marketing agencies also know all too well who they want to call on to take their food assignments to a higher visual level. Many of the photo campaigns and corporate videos of Hotel Hungaria, NVandersom, Agfa Graphics, Piet Stockmans, Beast Animation, Verne, Mathilde studios, Kurt Liefsoons and Dedsit, for example, were made and dressed by his hand.

Sfeerbeeld uit één van Vincent's kookworkshops.

'Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.'