When food becomes poetry

Portretfoto van Vincent Tibau Portretfoto van Vincent Tibau

Vincent's world

Vincent Tibau was formed at the culinary institute of Ter Duinen and trained in Michelin and Gault & Millau awarded restaurants. Well-known as the chef behind the gourmet company Absolutely Food, he currently devotes his time to cooking workshops, foodstyling and creative recipes. Welcome to a world of pure taste and sensory delight.



Everyone can cook! See, hear, touch, smell, taste: Vincent takes you on a sensory masterclass journey. With pure products as well as the best nature has to offer each season. A healthy, honest, and exquisite cuisine you can actually cook yourself: that is indeed double the pleasure.

Sfeerbeeld uit één van Vincent's kookworkshops.

An original teambuilding? A surprise for friends and family? A cooking workshop with Vincent is a unique and unforgettable experience.


Sfeerbeeld uit één van Vincent's kookworkshops.

Inspiring foodstyling is a special skill of its own. A dish is never just a dish. Vincent brings the ingredients to life in his amazing recipes.


Foodstyling is so much more than the perfect image of a dish. Vincent is always on the lookout for new creations and combinations resulting in inspiring recipes that will thrill your taste buds. In short, Vincent makes sure every picture tells a story.



Vincent’s signature? He starts from a classical principle and gradually explores off the beaten track. The choice of products, herbs and spices will surprise you, however, the taste will always be in perfect balance. This is what constitutes the difference between a good dish and a top dish.

Sfeerbeeld uit één van Vincent's kookworkshops.

Vincent puts his soul and expertise into every dish making each and every one of them a unique composition, a harmony of purity, respect and honesty.